Dot Dot Docs


List of definitions
  • Staking - provide your asset to the platform
  • Depositing - a deposit is a transaction transfering your asset from your wallet to the smart contract
  • Locking - depositing your assets and lock them for a predefined time
  • Converting - to exchange one asset for another, converting EPX to dEPX is irreversible
  • DDD - The Dot Dot protocol token, controlling vlEPX voting power and accruing bribes and rewards.
  • EPX - native token of Ellipsis Finance V2
  • vlEPX - vote locked EPX, allows users to vote on EPX pool incentives, receive boosted yields as an LP, receive platform fees and can vote on eligibility of pools to receive incentives
  • EPS - old native token of Ellipsis Finance replaced by EPX