DDD LP Rewards

DDD/BNB liquidity is incentivized on PancakeSwap by DDD tokens. For every 4 DDD earned by Liquidity Providers, 1 DDD is minted as rewards that can be claimed by Liquidity Providers to the DDD/BNB pool. In addition, the pool receives an initial one-time mint of 2.5 million DDD to bootstrap liquidity provisioning.

Protocol Owned Liquidity

Dot Dot locks a share of LP tokens staked in the protocol permanently to create Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) that ensures there always will be liquidity for DDD tokens. It does so through two distinct mechanisms:

  1. Taking a share of LP tokens as they are being staked. This gradually decaying deposit fee starts at 2% at protocol launch, and then decreasing by 0.25% every 8 weeks until reaching 0%.

  2. Taking a share of LP tokens as they are withdrawn early from the pool. This early withdrawal fee starts at 8% upon a user staking in the pool, and then decreasing by 1% each week until reaching 0% after 8 weeks from staking.

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