DDD Token

The Dot Dot protocol token, controlling vlEPX voting power and accruing bribes and rewards.

DDD earns rewards and controls voting power once locked in Dot Dot.

Locking times

DDD can be locked between 1-16 weeks:

  • Voting and reward weight is relative to the lock duration, with the maximum 16 weeks being 16x greater than the minimum 1 week.

  • Locking is a weekly step function - every Thursday at 00:00:00 UTC every user's lock decreases by one step and remains on this step until next Thursday.

  • Similarly, it does not matter when in the current epoch you lock, all DDD is considered locked at the same time for the sake of locking period, if it's locked within the same epoch.

  • That said, in order for locked DDD to count as voting power in the weekly voting rounds, it must be locked before the start of the voting epoch, i.e. before Monday 00:00:00 UTC.

  • Locks can be extended (up to the maximum of 16 weeks) at any time.

  • A user can have multiple DDD locks of different duration.

  • Once expired, unlocked DDD can be withdrawn by initiating an exit stream. Once initiated, the tokens stream linearly over a week during which they can be partially claimed. During this process, DDD rewards are not earned.

Locking rewards

  • Voting power, controlling Dot Dot vlEPX to determine future EPX emissions.

  • Bribes, from the pools that were voted on in the previous epoch. Streams linearly during 7 days, starting every Thursday 00:00:00 UTC.

  • 2.5% of all EPX farmed by protocol (as dEPX). Streams linearly during 7 days, starting every Monday 00:00:00 UTC.

  • 2.5% of all EPX farmed by protocol (as a dEPX bribe), if voting on the dEPX/EPX pool. Streams linearly during 7 days, starting every Thursday 00:00:00 UTC.

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Earning DDD

By providing liquidity

DDD is earned by liquidity providers (LPs) as they earn EPX, at a ratio of 20:1. Meaning, for every 20 EPX earned by an LP, they receive 1 DDD.

At the time of claiming, LPs may optionally convert their earned EPX into staked dEPX and get a 3x bonus on their DDD. In this case, the DDD issuance to EPX ratio becomes 6.66:1.

Earning DDD by staking dEPX

Staked dEPX token holders earn DDD to the ratio of total EPX fees earned by the dot dot protocol, i.e. 15% performance fee on all EPX earned by LPs.

Earning DDD by depositing EPX in the launch sale

At the launch of dot dot, up to 25b EPX can be deposited as bonded dEPX in order to receive DDD at a ratio of 500:1. This allows up to 50m DDD to be minted. This is only possible in the first 13 weeks from launch.

In the first week, users with locked EPS v1 positions can call to register their locks and reserve the right to deposit EPX later. The reserved right to deposit is valid for 1 week after the lock expires, if a deposit is not made in that time, the amount becomes unreserved and can be taken by anyone.

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