Emission of Dot Dot's tokens

dEPX Token

A representation of every locked vlEPX token in the protocol. 1 dEPX is minted for every 1 vlEPX that Dot Dot has.

DDD Token

The Dot Dot protocol token, which once locked controls voting power and earns protocol bribes and rewards.

DDD is emitted in two ways, one-off to bootstrap the protocol, and continuously as EPX is farmed by Liquidity Providers.

There is no capped supply of DDD, instead the token emission largely follows that of EPX, with tokens only minted if the protocol is used and therefore found to be of value to its users.

One-off emission

ItemDDD mintedComments

DDD/BNB Rewards


To bootstrap liquidity

DDD Launch Sale

up to 50m

Offered in the first 13 weeks for converting EPX

Continuous emission

DDD outlined below is minted continuously as EPX is earned by the Dot Dot protocol. This means that more DDD is only being minted at the pace of the protocol being used. If the protocol is used more, there is more DDD being minted. If it's used less, there is less DDD minted.

ItemDDD mintedComments

Liquidity Providers (without bonus)

1 for every 20 EPX farmed

When claiming rewards as EPX

Liquidity Providers (with bonus)

1 for every 6.66 EPX farmed

When claiming rewards as staked dEPX

DDD/BNB Rewards

1 for every 4 tokens to LPs

Incentivizing liquidity


an amount equating to 20% of DDD total supply

Capped to never exceed 250k DDD/day. Team DDD must be locked for 4-16 weeks in Dot Dot.

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