dEPX Token

A tokenized representation of Dot Dot's vlEPX position, earning rewards and trading fees.

Converting EPX into dEPX

The supply of dEPX is always 1:1 with the amount of EPX locked by the protocol. Users convert EPX, locking them into the protocol forever, and receive the equivalent amount of dEPX in return.

This process is irreversible. It is not possible to convert dEPX back into EPX tokens using Dot Dot, although there may be liquid markets to trade dEPX back into EPX.

dEPX is staked in order to earn protocol fees and DDD rewards.

Staking times

  1. Once staked, 8 days must pass before you can unstake.

  2. After these 8 days, you can unstake at any time, and you will continue to earn rewards until you initiate the unstaking process.

  3. Once initiated, unstaking streams dEPX out linearly and lasts for 15 days. During this period, the tokens do not earn rewards.

  4. If another withdrawal stream is initiated before a previous stream has concluded, the remaining amount within the first stream is rolled over and added to the amount of the second withdrawal stream.

Staking rewards

dEPX rewards from one epoch are streamed out linearly over 7 days during the subsequent epoch. New epochs start Thursdays 00:00:00 UTC.

  • 10% of all EPX earned by all dot dot Liquidity Providers.

  • DDD tokens, minted to the same ratio as the total EPX earned as protocol fees from dot dot Liquidity Providers (i.e. 15% at a 20:1 ratio).

  • All Ellipsis trading fees earned by Dot Dot.

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