Dot Dot has bribing functionality natively supported in the protocol. Bribes can be posted to incentivize locked DDD holders to direct EPX emissions to certain Ellipsis Pools in the weekly DDD voting epochs.


  • Anyone can post a bribe for a particular Ellipsis pool.

  • Bribes can be of any token denomination, and of any quantity.

  • Posted bribes go into effect immediately and last until the end of the current (or yet to be started) Vote Epoch.

  • Every Thursday at 00:00:00 UTC, the Vote Epoch ends, and bribes that were previously posted are streamed linearly over 7 days to the DDD lockers that voted on the pool in question.

  • DDD lockers claim a share of a bribe in proportion to their share of the total voting power that was allocated to the pool.

Do not post bribes shortly before the Vote Epoch ends on Thursdays 00:00:00 UTC, as most users will already have voted and the bribe will not be effective.

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