Ellipsis allows vlEPX holders to direct EPX emissions to different liquidity pools. This is done by vlEPX holders voting weekly on pools of their choice, thereby assigning weight to them which determines the following week's emission.

Dot Dot owns an ever growing, permanently locked supply of vlEPX, which it uses to participate in these voting rounds with maximum possible voting power. These voting rights are controlled by Dot Dot users that lock DDD.

Voting with locked DDD to direct vlEPX power on Ellipsis

Voting Epochs

  • Voting is done weekly during epochs that last for 72 hours, a new epoch starts every Monday 00:00:00 UTC, and finishes every Thursday 00:00:00 UTC.

  • Voting can only be done during an active epoch.

Voting with locked DDD is only possible Mondays through Wednesdays of each week. Voting is closed Thursdays through Sundays.

  • In order for locked DDD to be attributed as voting power, the user must lock it before the start of the epoch (i.e. before Monday 00:00:00 UTC).

Voting on pools

Locked DDD holders may vote on multiple pools during an epoch, allocating available vote weight to pools of their choice which they wish to receive increased EPX emission in the subsequent Ellipsis Epoch.

  • Voting is optional. Users are required to actively participate each vote epoch in order for their votes to count.

  • Placed votes do not roll over between epochs, each epoch begins with 0 votes allocated.

To maximize their rewards and influence, users must actively vote in each epoch.

  • Control of vlEPX is done through the fraction of locked DDD that voted on pools. Dot Dot votes according to the relative weight DDD voters give pools.

  • Cast votes are final. They cannot be undone or edited.

  • Voting can be carried out multiple times during an epoch, for as long as there is vote weight that has not been allocated.

  • To maximize their voting power, locked DDD holders should ensure they have no remaining vote weight in an epoch.

  • If a user votes on a pool that has a bribe assigned to it for that epoch, they will earn a proportional share of this bribe. Bribes are streamed out over 7 days at the conclusion of a Voting Epoch (Thursday 00:00:00 UTC).

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